Voulnteer Experience

Past President

Batemans Bay Chamber of Commerce

Activities included, Revitalisation of Batemans Bay CBD, via Landscaping of the CBD streets including implementing a unified colour scheme. Annual Neptune Festival, Christmas Carols, Internet marketing.

Past President

Eurobodalla Business Network

May 1992 –  Sep 1996

Economic Empowerment

Elected President of The Eurobodalla Business Network, the trading name for the operations of the Eurobodalla Emloyment, Education and Trainging Committee Inc. The EBN was managed by a full time Enterprise Facilitator. The Staff included a Database co-ordinator, tele-centre co-ordinator, two part-time Aquaculture Advisors, an office Trainee and several voluntary staff who donated over 1500 hours of valuable time in the first 6 months of operation. Formed in May 1992, the EEET Committee comprised a cross-section of local business people and educationalists, who got together to apply for Office of Labour Market Adjustment (OLMA) funding from the Department of Employment, Education and Training (DEET) for a regional package of assistance to improve the efficiency of the Eurobodalla Labour Market and attended OECD seminars.

The main objective of the EBN was to create employment opportunities.
Projects included; Aquaculture, Horticulture, Ecotourism, Farm forestry, Coastal landcare, Heritage Trails, Environmental monitoring, Energy efficiency, Information Technology Centre, IT skills training, ‘Aussie Host’ training.